Floral Collage Art Kits: Step by Step Instructions

A printable version of instructions is included with your Floral Collage Art Kit.

Step 1: Print your flowers and vase collage paper and templates

Step 2: Cut your flower templates

Step 3: Collage your Flowers

Step 4: Cut your vase templates

Step 5: Cut your stems

Step 6: Create your unique floral design

Enjoy our YouTube video series on the process of creating beautiful floral collage art designs.

Step 1: Printing your Collage Papers and Templates


• Your Floral Collage Art Kit
• Printer Paper (recommended 28-32 lb. paper)

• Color Printer (recommend refillable tank)

Step 2: Cutting Your Flowers


• Pages 3 and 4 from your Floral Collage Art Kit
• Large scissors or paper trimmer

• Small scissors with a fine tip

Step 3: Collaging Your Flowers


• Flower shapes from Step 2 above
• Page 11 from Floral Collage Art Kit
• Mod Podge and brush

Step 4: Cutting your Vases


• Small Vases from pages 5-6 of your Floral Collage Art Kit
• Large Vases from pages 7-10 of your Floral Collage Art Kit
• Small scissors with a fine tip

Step 5: Cutting your Stems


• Flowers from from Step 3 above
• Scraps of collage papper
• Mod Podge and brush

Step 6: Creating your Floral Designs


• Flowers and Vases from Steps 3 and 4
• Collage Paper
• Collage paper scraps
• Your favorite quote

Step 7: Collaging your Floral Design


• Collaged Mandala from Step 4 Above
• Acrylic Markers
• Cotton Swabs and Water

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