Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?
Do you need a creative way to relax, de-stress, and find your joy again?


Enjoy the Calm:
Meditative Mandalas and Gratitude Boost

…the perfect combination of mindful art and gratitude practice to help you find inner peace and joy.

Making mandalas is a centuriesold practice for calming the mind and connecting with the soul. Through cutting, pasting, and doodling, you can find peace and create beautiful greeting cards, inspiration cards, and envelopes.

Gratitude is a powerful tool for finding joy in the present moment and becoming more mindful and aware. When practiced regularly, gratitude can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase your sense of wellbeing, and even improve your relationships.

Our Meditative Mandalas and Gratitude Boost Series is the perfect combination of art and gratitude to help you find joy in the small moments.

Through this program, you will:
Learn the basics of making collaged mandalas
Create beautiful pieces of art that reflect your inner calm and peace
Practice gratitude to boost your happiness
Enhance your mindfulness and awareness
Reduce stress, anxiety, and worries
Find joy in everyday moments

Enjoy the Calm: Meditative Mandalas and Gratitude Boost is the perfect way to start your journey to inner peace and joy.

You can make this meditative practice part of your daily routine and watch your life transform.

Start your journey today and start feeling happier, calmer, and more at peace with our Meditative Mandala and Gratitude Boost Series

Enjoy the Calm: Meditative Mandalas Gratitude Boost includes: 

  • Step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful collaged mandalas, greeting cards and envelopes. 
  • Guided prompts for journaling
  • Guided doodling sessions to get you into a creative flow
  • Inspiring quotes about gratitude and appreciation. 
  • Our current mandala collage art kit Studio Special to help you create your own unique mandalas. 
  • A complete guide to creating your own mandalas with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. 

Quiet your Mind and Jumpstart your Creativity!

Making Mandalas Will Help You Meditate

If you have difficulty meditating because you:

  • Find meditating boring
  • Can’t sit still and “do nothing”
  • Would rather be accomplishing something
  • Don’t enjoy sitting in silence
  • Fall asleep when you close your eyes
    perhaps you’re looking to enhance your current meditation practice…

Then you’ll love The Relaxing Art of Making Mandalas!

Join “Enjoy the Calm: Meditative Mandalas and Gratitude Boost”

And consistently create beautiful art that you love to share!