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Your Crafting Personality Type as it relates to What Hidden Habit is Crushing Your Creativity is what’s know as…

The “Missing the Talent Gene” Mindset Habit

Creative Giraffe Collage Art crafted with printable collage papers, showcasing detailed and colorful designs.


What this means is

your biggest struggle is with feeling like you don’t have the talent for making art. 

You love creating beautiful things but you might find that you have repetitive negative thoughts, also known as negative mindset habits that get in your way…

for example…you may say to yourself:

  • “I can’t do it. I’m just not talented enough”.
  • “I don’t have any good ideas.”
  • “I’m not original.” 
  • “It’s not fair. Why does it come so easily for others?” 
  • “I wish I could create something that I’m excited about and proud of.”

      Thankfully there are some simple, fun, and creative steps you can take to release the negative mindset habits that are holding you back.

        Creativity Tips for You!

        Because you view talent as a gift that you don’t have, you’ll benefit from activities that will build your confidence.

        Creativity Tip #1: Set an intention this week to pick one creative project to explore.  Rather than dabbling in a variety of different arts and crafts, give yourself the time to focus on one thing such as pencil drawings or paper art. Find at least one online tutorial that will walk you through that specific thing. Stay with that one thing for just one week.

        Creativity Tip #2: Take a picture of a flower. Then print it and trace it. Remember that all artists need a source of inspiration.  Inspiration does come from within, but it also comes from the art of observation and exploration of your outer world. For one week, choose a different flower a day and trace it. Play with different pressures and strokes of your pencil.

        Creativity Tip #3: Reconnect to your inner child…the one who loved art class in school and ran into the house to show off their latest creation.  Make a habit of displaying your art on the refrigerator or wall.  Celebrate the creative soul within you that’s desiring to share their creations.

        Inspiration cards are my favorite things to make for myself and others when I’m feeling creatively stuck…and when I’m looking to take action to shift my mindset.

        Here's an Inspiration Card I made for You!

        …it’s made from the Giraffe Collage Art Kit

        Create beautiful art that you love to share!

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