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Your Crafting Personality Type as it relates to What Hidden Habit is Crushing Your Creativity is what’s know as…

The “Intimidated by a Blank Page” Mindset Habit


What this means is…

 your biggest struggle is with getting started. Your head may be full of ideas but you often just freeze up when you sit down to create. 

You love creating beautiful things but you might find that you have repetitive negative thoughts, also known as negative mindset habits that get in your way…

for example…you may say to yourself:

  • “I have so many ideas in my head but when I sit down, I’m blank.”
  • “I dread starting…What if I mess up with my first mark?”
  • “It’s so hard to turn “nothing” into “something.”
  • “I wish there was a way that I could just jump right in and create something that I love.”

    Thankfully there are some simple, fun, and creative steps you can take to release the negative mindset habits that are holding you back.

      Creativity Tips for You!

      Because a blank page feels intimidating at first, you’ll benefit from a library of ideas and simple techniques to get you back into your flow.

      Creativity Tip #1: Pick one subject and take a series of pictures of that. First take a picture of the whole thing (e.g. the entire plant or a building). Then get closer and closer as you take more pictures of the details (e.g. a single flower, then a single petal, the veins in the leaves). Keep these for inspiration.

      Creativity Tip #2: Print out an image from tip #1 and trace it. So much creativity can be found in tracing…no one is going to pick up the details or make those special markings quite like you do.

      Creativity Tip #3: Fill a blank page with your thoughts. Write as messy or as neat as you want. Start at the top of the page and write down everything that’s on your mind. Flip the page 90 degrees and keep writing from top to bottom. Continue to flip the page until you’ve covered all four sides. Then cover the page with a layer of paint or collage.

      Inspiration cards are my favorite things to make for myself and others when I’m feeling creatively stuck…and when I’m looking to take action to shift my mindset.

      Here's an Inspiration Card I made for You!

      it’s made from the Cat Collage Art Kit

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