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Your Crafting Personality Type as it relates to What Hidden Habit is Crushing Your Creativity is what’s know as…

The “Paralyzed by Ideas” Mindset Habit


What this means is

your biggest struggle is the feeling of overwhelm because of all the ideas bouncing around in your brain.

You love creating beautiful things but you might find that you have repetitive negative thoughts, also known as negative mindset habits that get in your way…

for example…you may say to yourself: 

  • “I have too many ideas, I don’t even know where to start!”
  • “I can’t sit still. I’m bursting with ideas.”
  • “I feel scattered and my unfinished projects have taken on a life of their own.”
  • “Why can’t I just decide what I want to do, I wish someone would just hand me a plan.”

    Thankfully there are some simple, fun, and creative steps you can take to release the negative mindset habits that are holding you back.

      Creativity Tips for You!

      Because you have a very active, creative mind, you’ll benefit from creating systems to add order to the chaos.

      Creativity Tip #1: Make peace with yourself as an explorer of all things creative. Keep a list of all the things you love to do and want to try as soon as the ideas pop into your head. Don’t discount anything. Your creative soul wants to be heard. 

      Creativity Tip #2: Map out the seasons and the cycles of your Creativity. What would you like to focus on this Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring? Perhaps you enjoy crocheting and knitting when Winter arrives and starting a new interest in the Spring. Create a calendar by season and pick one thing you’d like to explore for each season. 

      Creativity Tip #3: Take inventory of the unfinished projects that still interest you. Pick one that you’d like to focus on. Set aside a block of time to work on it (such as 50 minutes). Once the time is up…either continue or give yourself permission to start something new.

      Inspiration cards are my favorite things to make for myself and others when I’m feeling creatively stuck…and when I’m looking to take action to shift my mindset.

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