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Your Crafting Personality Type as it relates to What Hidden Habit is Crushing Your Creativity is what’s know as…

The “Plagued by Perfectionism” Mindset Habit


What this means is

your biggest struggle is the fear of making mistakes and feeling like your creations aren’t good enough.

You love creating beautiful things but you might find that you have repetitive negative thoughts, also known as negative mindset habits that get in your way…

for example…you may say to yourself:

  • “I’m afraid to keep going, I feel like I’m going to mess it up”.
  • “It never comes out like I imagined it”.
  • “I feel like crumpling this up and tossing it out the window.”
  • “I wish I could create without worrying and analyzing. I just want to have fun.”

    Thankfully there are some simple, fun, and creative steps you can take to release the negative mindset habits that are holding you back

      Creativity Tips for You!

      Because you don’t always see the beauty in your own art, you’ll benefit from activities that will reconnect you with a sense of playfulness.

      Creativity Tip #1: Set an intention to make at least one ugly or messy piece of art this week. Then just go for it!  Keep it as a reminder to let go of perfectionism and focus on one unexpected thing that you discovered in the process.

      Creativity Tip #2: Reconnect with your inner child. Even if you don’t believe your latest work of art is a masterpiece, smile and say “Thank you. That’s beautiful”, then frame it or hang it on your refrigerator. 

      Creativity Tip #3: Take a break from your project and engage in an easy repetitive task such as doodling circles in various patterns and sizes.  Rather than focusing on the exact roundness of the circle, get playful as you discover the many new patterns and arrangements that you can make.

      Inspiration cards are my favorite things to make for myself and others when I’m feeling creatively stuck…and when I’m looking to take action to shift my mindset.

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