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Your Crafting Personality Type as it relates to What Hidden Habit is Crushing Your Creativity is what’s know as…

The “Race Against Time” Mindset Habit


What this means is

your biggest struggle is with time

You love creating beautiful things but you might find that you have repetitive negative thoughts, also known as negative mindset habits that get in your way…

for example…you may say to yourself:

  • “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels”.
  • “I don’t have the time or energy to do anything”.
  • “What have I done all day?  Where did all the time go?”
  • “If only I started doing this years ago I’d be so good at it now”

Thankfully there are some simple, fun, and creative steps you can take to release the negative mindset habits that are holding you back.

Creativity Tips for You!

Because finding time is your greatest struggle when it comes to being creative, you’ll benefit from pairing your creative time with activities that you do everyday.

Creativity Tip #1: Get your creative juices flowing while you eat breakfast. Make a habit of flipping through a creative magazine (such as Where Women Create or In Her Studio) or scrolling through Pinterest while you fuel yourself for the day. Fuel your body. Fuel your soul.

Creativity Tip #2: Doodle, sketch, or cut and paste while you listen to your favorite podcast or rewatch your favorite show. This will feed your need to be productive, releasing you from any guilt about wasting time.

Creativity Tip #3: Keep a pencil and pad in your purse…then doodle or sketch while you wait, for example at the doctor’s office or the car mechanic. Make a habit of putting your phone away and instead keep your creative juices flowing by actively creating on the spot. Enjoy the experience of making art instead of focusing on how long the wait is. You may find yourself disappointed when your name is called.

Inspiration cards are my favorite things to make for myself and others when I’m feeling creatively stuck…and when I’m looking to take action to shift my mindset.

Here's an Inspiration Card I made for You!

it’s made from the Turtle Collage Art Kit

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