My Favorite Things: Collage Art Supplies

1. White Printer Paper (recommended 28-32 lb) 
2. Mod Podge® 
3. Decoupage Brushes
4. Craft Scissors
5. Acrylic Paint Pens (Extra fine to Fine tip) 
6. Color Printer (I recommend a refillable ink tank such as Epson Ecotank, but any color printer will do)
7. (optional)  Stretched Canvas Board, Canvas Panels, or Picture frames  

**These are recommended supplies. Feel free to improvise by starting with what you already have at home.  The beauty of collaging is that there is plenty of room to explore and discover new exciting ways of doing things!

Detailed Description of Recommended Collage Art Supplies:

1. White Printer Paper, recommended 28-32 lb 

This will be used for printing collage papers and templates.

Here are my favorite papers:
HP (Hewitt Packard) Printer Paper Premium 32 lb, 8.5 x 11
Hammermill Premium Color Copy 32 lb paper, 8.5 x 11

Sources: Amazon, Office Supply Stores such as Staples and Office Max 

2. Mod Podge®  (I recommend starting with Matte Finish) 

This will be used to:

1. glue collage papers together
2. provide a protective coating over your artwork
3. allow you to wash off the acrylic marker if you mess up

Source: Amazon, Craft Stores such as Michaels Craft 

3. Decoupage Brushes 

These will be used to apply the Mod Podge Glue to your artwork. I recommend the brushes made by Mod Podge.  I enjoy a variety of sizes depending on my project including the 4-inch Gold Taklon Brush and the 3-piece short handle brush set.

Sources: Craft Supplies Store such as Michaels Craft, Amazon

4. Craft Scissors

I prefer small micro tip scissors which work very well for detailed designs. .  My favorite pair are Fiskars  5-inch Micro-tip (available on Amazon or in sewing shops), but there are many brands that work well (do a search for “micro tip (or fine tip) craft scissors”).

5. Acrylic Paint Pens- Extra Fine  to Fine Tip (0.7mm to 1mm)

These will be used for outlining shapes and doodling designs.

Colors: I definitely recommend having a white pen and a black pen and looking for a set of 12-24 colors.

Here are some of the pens that I’ve tried and like:

• Zeyar Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Extra Fine Point (Amazon) (my current favorite)
• Voiskie Paint Pen Extra Fine Tip 0.7mm (Amazon)
• UniPosca Pen ( or Amazon)
• Pintar Premium Acrylic Paint Pens Fine Tip (Amazon)

6. Color Printer

If you still use a  printer with ink-cartridges….I highly recommend moving over to a printer with a refillable ink tank. You’ll be able to print more collage paper at a much lower price.  

I currently use an Epson Ecotank which I love!

7. Canvas Panels, Stretch Canvas Boards,  or Picture Frames (Optional)

These will be used to create a finished piece of art to display in your home.

I love visiting thrift stores to search for a variety of picture frames.  This is a wonderful way to find frames if you’re creating a gallery wall in your home.

Sources: Amazon, Blick Art, Michaels Crafts